The Emerging Writers’ Festival is on again this year in Melbourne from May 27 – June 6. This will be my first writers festival experience from the other side of the stage which is both terrifying and exciting.

I’ve been invited to participate in two panels: Poetry + which is part of The National Writers’ Conference at 12pm on Saturday May 31.

Poetry is no longer limited to the page, and often seems to thrive outside of its confines. Where can you find a living breathing poetry community and share your work, whether IRL or online? And how can you develop your poetry into something more? An award-winning slam poet, a digitally savvy poetry editor and a verse novelist get together and stand up for stanzas.

Featuring Abe Nouk, Kent MacCarter, Rebecca Jessen. Hosted by Felix Nobis.

During this panel I will be touching on the process of writing a verse novel and how this differs to writing singular poems. I will also talk about working in different forms and the variety of communities you can belong to as a writer.


The other panel I will be speaking at is The Early Words: Writing Body and Mind at 8.30am on Tuesday June 3.

The mind is often fetishised in the life of a writer, while the body goes ignored. These writers are keenly aware of body and mind. How does the body get written by the mind? How does the body keep the mind healthy?

Featuring Tom Lee, Karina Quinn and Rebecca Jessen.

We want to reward you for coming along to The Early Words – they are early – with a nourishing breakfast and a piping hot cup of morning coffee.

In this panel I will discuss my experiences with mental illness and how these experiences have shaped not only my writing process, but the writing itself. I will also talk about the idea that madness is a physical experience.


I’m looking forward to this year’s festival, it will be my first Emerging Writers’ Festival and my first as a festival participant. The program is packed full of fabulous events and writers so if you are in town you should definitely check it out, and try to get along to one of my sessions too. The full program can be found here

Also, Issue 22 of The Lifted Brow is out now, inside you can find much wonderful writing and ideas and the full version of my memoir piece Salt. Purchase a copy here