Eat Your Words Festival & AMP Tomorrow Maker Grant

This Sunday I will be giving a free talk about my experiences as a debut author and how I went from finishing a creative writing degree to getting my first novel published. I’ll also be doing a short reading and be giving some tips about making the journey from unpublished to published writer. You can […]

SEVEN (heaven help my heart)

Mum wakes us up early on Saturday. She tells me she’s going to the hospital with my older brother. That she’ll probably be gone all day. She leaves a twenty dollar note on the kitchen bench, kisses each of us goodbye and leaves. It is March 2006. I’m fresh out of school and studying at […]

FIVE (how about this weather)

It was my family’s first Christmas since my stepfather left. I still remember that day so clearly. Somehow, his absence had impressed upon the family dynamic with such force that nothing would ever be the same after that. Mum started drinking early that day. Earlier than usual. Maybe it was because she needed a way […]