This year I’ve decided to jump onboard and sign up to the 2015 Australian Women Writers Challenge. In short, Elizabeth Lhuede started the initiative in 2012 in response to the lack of women’s writing being reviewed (by men and women). You can read more about the background of the challenge here. And, if you’re interested in signing up, it’s free and super easy and you can do that here.

I have signed up to read at least eight books by Australian women writers and to review at least four. I’ve chosen a modest target for my first challenge which I’m hoping to exceed – but we’ll see what books land on my desk this year!

One book I’ve been meaning to read is Evie Wyld’s Miles Franklin award-winning All The Birds Singing. I’m hoping to strike a balance between fiction, non-fiction and poetry, and with the Stella Prize longlist to be announced soon I’m sure I’ll find some inspiration there.

Sometime in the near future I hope to have a list compiled of my eight challenge books and I’ll be posting the reviews here on my blog. Happy reading!