Look Mum, I’m going live on the Internet! I’m so excited to announce that I’ll be participating in this year’s Digital Writers Festival which will run from October 24-November 3.  You can check out the full program here I can tell you now, it is stellar.

The Digital Writers Festival is a product of the Emerging Writers Festival (also stellar) and it brings together writers from all over Australia and the world to beam brilliant content straight to your screens.

I will be performing at the closing night event ‘Manifest’ on Friday 3rd November along with Winnie Dunn, Jesse Oliver, Piriye Altraide, Ben Walter, and Zhi Yi Cham. The theme couldn’t be more perfectly aligned with my current writing and research interests and I’m excited to see where the other writers go with it.

Tune in on the night and watch/listen to me read some poems about lesbian utopias from the comfort of your own bed! Full event details below:

Friday November 3:
 7pm (AEDT) @ Live-streaming to the world!!

What’s next? It’s a new day rising, and the future is in your hands – what are you going to do with it? Six writers explore alternative futures where the possible has become actual. Ending the festival on a hopeful note, come dream with us as we envision the future – embracing the fact that we cannot know it yet, and we therefore have the power to change it.