Ask Me About the Future

Rebecca’s debut poetry collection, Ask Me About the Future, is forthcoming from UQP in 2020.

Full of zest and flair, Jessen’s poems map constellations of desire, loss and longing. Riffing on the future (which isn’t what it used to be), dating apps, despair, Bonnie Tyler, Taylor Swift and the lesbian bachelorette, they are set in interstellar queer utopias, maternity wards and single beds. Jessen’s edgy, scintillating poems urge us all to be a ‘little gay’ and to celebrate existence in all its multiplicity. 

These are poems of sly surprises, radical vulnerability, dark-edged humour and vast originality that gently encourage readers to acknowledge past traumas while forging ahead to embrace the future. Following Jessen’s award-winning verse novel, Gap, this collection confirms her as a major talent of her generation.


Asking about the past? Read her award-winning verse novel, Gap (2014).

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