(TWENTY-FIVE) the body has memory

‘The body has memory. The physical carriage hauls more than its weight. The body is the threshold across which each objectionable call passes into consciousness.’ Claudia Rankine, Citizen. this is how days are spent. the briefest moments of hope. punctured by despair. can you despair at nothingness? can nothingness be a sign of despair? how […]

SEVEN (heaven help my heart)

Mum wakes us up early on Saturday. She tells me she’s going to the hospital with my older brother. That she’ll probably be gone all day. She leaves a twenty dollar note on the kitchen bench, kisses each of us goodbye and leaves. It is March 2006. I’m fresh out of school and studying at […]

ONE (angels in the outfield)

Following in the footsteps of the lovely and immensely talented Nike Sulway,  I will be regularly posting 300 word snippets of memoir in order to push myself along with the writing of my next project which is a collection of short memoir. — I was sheltered from death from a young age. When I was […]