University of Queensland Press: Ask Me About The Future (2020)

University of Queensland Press: Gap (2014)


Cordite Poetry Review: ‘2.0.’, ‘sillage’,‘(after)HER: dating app adventures’ & ‘What I Talk About When I Talk About Helicopters’

Going Down Swinging: ‘Sometime Around Midnight’

Impossible Archetype: ‘The Weekly’

Mascara Literary Review: ‘The Late September Dogs’

Poem Post: ’11 Trippy AF Poems About The Total Eclipse’ (audio)

Pressure Gauge Press: ‘when I am first social without you’

Rabbit Poetry Journal: ‘Vote Yes to Pineapple on Pizza’

Scum Mag: ‘Hush’

Stylus Lit: ‘Time-lapse’

Tincture Journal: ‘Some Days’ & ‘Field Officer no. 302 ‘

Verity La: ‘Triage’

Woolf Pack: ‘there is nothing you could ask or I could tell that would reveal a single true thing about me’


Hecate Journal: ‘Why Do We Close The Door on Domestic Violence?’

Meanjin: ‘What I’m Reading‘ (2020), ‘Class in the Time of Coronavirus’ (2020) and ‘Our Version of Events’ (2015)

Overland: ‘The Small Violences’

Rex Magazine: ‘Rations’

Scum Mag: ‘Currents’

Stilts Journal: ‘Into The Groove’

The Lifted Brow: ‘We’re All Going on a Summer Holiday’ & ‘Summer Holiday Mixtape’ & ‘The Art of Breaking’ & ‘Salt’

The Suburban Review: ‘This Is What Makes Us’

Tincture Journal: ‘Firth Avenue’

Verity La: ‘Hello Dolly’ & ‘The Family Files’

Voiceworks: ‘Field Notes’

Other Non-Fiction

Readings Blog: ‘The Influence of Dorothy Porter’

The Victorian Writer: ‘The Value of Prizes’

Writing Queensland (WQ) Magazine: ‘Overcoming Second Novel Syndrome’

Awards & Prizes:

2020 Victorian Premier’s Literary Awards: Shortlisted for Ask Me About the Future (outcome announced early 2021)

2017 Val Vallis Award for an Unpublished Poem: Highly commended for ‘(after) HER: dating app adventures’

2015 AMP Tomorrow Fund: Tomorrow Maker

2015 Queensland Premier’s Young Publishers and Writers Award: Winner

2015 Sisters in Crime 15th Davitt Awards: Shortlisted for Gap (UQP)

2013 Queensland Literary Award for Best Emerging Author: Winner for Gap

2012 State Library of Queensland Young Writers Award: Winner for Gap

This website was selected for PANDORA archive by the State Library of Queensland.


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